Extra mile

As a conglomerate, we seek partners who can help us build and sustain a powerful and professional brand image. Over the years, Uniquelink has proven to be a very trustworthy partner because they have always gone the extra mile to understand the needs of our diverse business and deliver nothing but the best. ... More >

Ramya, Kuala Lumpur

For Nature’s Brew Sdn Bhd, we recently launched our “BAYU” tea brand with a whole series of packaging materials from POS materials to specially designed boxes to give our brand greater exposure. We are most pleased with UNIQUELINK for its First Class service, in particular, speed in meeting our requirements and precision in colour output, especially for POS materials with many colour combinations.

We are most impressed with UNIQUELINK’s attention to details on usage and potential problems with the POS materials. Great initiatives were taken re mock ups and amendments to overcome potential problems. You can say that they provide solutions to potential problems and saved us much headaches and time.

The most amazing part was that they took great pains to ensure top quality finishing but was still able to maintain competitive pricing to us. We are very happy with their products and services to us and are recommending UNIQUELINK to all our business associates who may need the same. We are confident, just like us, they will be satisfied customers of UNIQUELINK.
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Jason Lee, Kuala Lumpur

We've been happy working with Uniquelink due to their efficiency, good quality of printing, and competitive pricing.

Ms. Xanthe Chan, Singapore
We are very pleased

On behalf of QI Service (Thailand), we are pleased to recommend Unique Link Dot Print to your company. Over the past years, we have contracted them for numerous printing jobs, specifically for our global conventions that are held annually. Such events normally require the printing of a huge volume of collaterals in a very limited period of time. The printer's quality and service have been top-notch, and we are pleased with the work they have done for us again.

Like every year since we've first contracted them to do our printing, Unique Link Dot Print has done the printing for our largest yearly convention, which is this year, saw about 10,000 people in attendance. The network marketing campaign involved, among others, the printing of 2,300 sets in seven (7) different languages of the Business Planners, 4,600 sets of Product Portfolios, 1,000 copies of our Company Profile (2011), and 10,000 copies of our company magazine aspIRe.Unique Link Dot Print has also done some overnight printing of more than 50,000 flyers for us. Our company has trusted Unique Link Dot Print with completing this enormous task, while stay within our budget, and we are satisfied with their flexibility and efficiency in delivering the materials without compromising quality.

Unique Link Dot Print has always been on time and on budget with their projects for our company and we highly recommend them without hesitation.
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Jesada Siraprepawan, Event of Promotions Manager and Puddhi Dheppratum, Head of Creative Design
Meeting requirements

依頼しましたカレーのペーパーパッケージ1万枚は4月12日、無事名古屋港より通関し、本日より早速 弊社のレトルトカレーを入れて日本の全国へ向けて出荷されました。 UNIQUELINK社のパッケージは発色が日本のものより良く、明るい色合いがとても気に入っています。

We had received our paper packaging printing (10,000 pcs) on 12 April 2012. We had lesser hazards passing through the Nagoya Port customs. Therefore, we were able to produce, pack and distribute our red curry products throughout the nation in Japan. Uniquelink has a great packaging printing quality that are sharp, colourful and bright printing that really meet our requirements. ... More >

Ms. Kanamori, Japan